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"We also had a lot of fun singing duets. In Belvedere Gardens where Freud did take his walks, and then you see him in the end, in his morning walk, we were singing at the top of our lungs, which surprised the public and some of the journalists. He has a good singing voice and I did harmony. In Belvedere, we sang that song “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” including all the high notes, which Michael hit really well."

- Viggo on Michael Fassbender (via fuckyeahviggomortensen)


Favorite caps » Aragorn (part 2)
Mortensen (por Staedler)
Sólo diré dos cosas: pies descalzos y escaleras.

bohemea: Viggo Mortensen 

Madre de diox lo que me ha dejado mi coadmin por la de los gorros, OBSCENO.
Mercromina en forma de tatuajes para miss nim0
Film chameleons (13): Viggo Mortensen
Another one than can be a devil or a hero, love him, love his hair xD
(still need to watch him in the new Psycho and Alatriste)

Viggo con gatico ^^

Top Bearded Man….. #2 Viggo Mortensen en general, como Aragorn en particular.

Mira que yo no soy flan de los anillos, pero a la adaptación a la pantalla le veía su gracia… vaya usted a saber por qué xD
Favourite director/actor-actress tandems
Scorsese/De Niro, Scorsese/Keitel, Hitchcock/Grant, Fincher/Pitt, Tarantino/Thurman, Tarantino/Keitel, Burton/Depp, Cukor/Hepburn, Cronenberg/Mortensen.
Of course there are many more (Cameron/Schwarzenegger, De Palma/Pacino, Hitch/blondes, Scorsese/DiCaprio, Tarantino/Jackson…) but today these are my 9 ones.

And, of course, this.