Ishara Yar

Tara McPherson
“Quite an experience to live in fear, isn’t it? That’s what it is to be a slave.”
Nine 1/2 Weeks (1986)
Really… tears… in the rain… :)~~
Come on baby drive my car (11)
Brad Pitt + Edward Norton, “Fight Club” (1999)
Things I need to say:1) Fincher is a Raining-Scenes-God2) Fincher is a Subtext-God (yeah, even here)3) Fincher is God, and that’s all
(Next Monday rewatch)
Como lágrimas en la lluvia (6): Charlie en “Malas calles”
Tantas cosas buenas juntas en una foto (semejante señor mojado y encorbatado) que no sé por donde empezar :´)
Fincher night - Express yourself (1989)
Remembering he comes from videoclip world is (for me) as important as saying Tarantino grew up eating B movies from videoclubs.
I love this one. It’s not only Madonna, BDSM imagery, hot boys with black cats (double awwwww) or the Proyas aesthetics (Alex comes too from Propaganda Films). Probably it’s the raining city (a constant in Fincher films). 
Cantaditas’ queens - Jessy
(me encanta su voz, y probablemente le tengo cariño porque está más llenita que la media)
(yeah, hoy estoy poligonera)
Y. No. Para. De. Llover.
Y. No. Para. De. Llover.