Ishara Yar

Brooke Shields feeding Matt Dillon cake. 
365 film challenge: #65 DRUGSTORE COWBOY(1989, Gus Van Sant)
First Van Sant movie. And hey, new one for me, I had it pending, not a rewatch (good for me!). I liked it (you can see there a lot of the “weird” things of his films) but I still love more "My own private Idaho" and "To die for" (and I promise is not because of the Phoenix brothers having orgasms in those two). Curious one.

If Twilight were made in the 80’s…
River Phoenix as Edward Cullen
Ally Sheedy as Bella Swan
Johnny Depp as Jacob Black
Molly Ringwald as Alice
Kiefer Sutherland as Emmett
Matt Dillon as Jasper
Elizabeth Shue as Rosalie

Siempre que veo esto me meo.
Un cara a cara Phoenix/Sheedy hubiera sido la HOSTIA, los reyes del drama y la asocialidad.
Y yo podría de lobito a Keany, así, para meter cizaña.
Habría sido hasta buena. Un Oscar que se habría llevado.
Con la J (9de10): Juegos salvajes ("Wild things", película)