Ishara Yar

If Dylan wear more flower shirts I could explain the look alike in an easier way to people from both fandoms… xD

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  5. carola4u said: No importa, a mi me gusta mas River. ;)
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  7. breedinbloom said: wow yes you are totally right! *noses and mouths* ps: I was watching teen wolf and actually, dylan really resembles to rivs I mean, the voice, the acting (or maybe is the role) but idk it also could be that I’m going crazy… bye!
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  11. cashmereandjeans said: Mmmh those little turned-up noses, and full kissable lips … ♥♥♥
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    😱Oh my days I thought I was the only one that saw it.
  13. tinytile said: Te diría que te vieras la serie de una vez, pero la 3a temporada ha sido tan fail xD mírate las dos primeras aunque sea por verle la cara al hombre <3
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    I didn’t see you posted this here. Sorry.
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